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The Viper Surf SUP is designed to be surfed in all conditions. We have these boards in multiple designs and sizes. This is a performance paddle surf SUP. This board has a pulled in nose and handles a wide range of conditions. These boards combine performance with stability. As a result, the Viper model is easy to ride. We have had fantastic feedback from our riders in big and small surf. 

The bottom shape has a single-concave nose, a slight V in the center section and more V in the tail. This allows for nice rail-to-rail performance and acceleration while you are on the wave. This board is perfect for close beach breaks and reefs. You can ride this in a thruster or quad setup.

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA USA.

Custom 8'8" Viper Surf SUP Stand Up Paddlboard Surfboard


    * This board comes in a 5 fin setup

    * Precision cut 

    * Full Epoxy technology 

    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished and made in USA


    Full package that includes board and deck pad.

    * Carbon Fiber paddles are available.  Please email us for more info.


    SUP Rider Size Guide

    Weight: Less than 150 lbs. / Length: 7'6" - 11'

    Weight: 150 - 180 lbs. / Length: 8' - 11'6"

    Weight: 180 - 200 lbs. / Length: 9' - 11'6"

    Weight: 200 - 220 lbs. / Length: 9'4" - 11'6"

    Weight: More than 220 lbs. / Length: 9'8" - 11'6"


    Length: 8’8”

    Width: 32”

    Thickness: 4.6”

    Volume: 132 liters

    Model #: VIPSURFSUP88

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