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The Semi Gun- Taking custom orders

A very trustworthy board for every serious traveling surfer looking to ride big waves.

We have a Proven rocker and optimum foil for a predictable and steady ride!

New outline with plenty of tail width that supports both thruster set up for top to bottom surfing and quad setup for high speed exits on the high line!

Bottom contours our reverse vee to slight single concave


Designed in Manhattan Beach and Made in USA!!

The Semi Gun Surfboard


    * Material: Poly blanks and Poly resin
    * 2 6oz fiberglass deck and 1 6oz bottom
    * Matte Finish 
    * This board comes with a 5 fin setup and 3 fins
    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished


    Length: 6ft 11in (Clear)
    Width: 19 1/2in
    Thickness: 2 5/8in
    Volume: 42 liters
    Model #: SG611

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