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The Hammerhead Surfboard.  This is one of our new designs. This is a paddlers dream. You can ride this board 4-6in shorter than your normal short board. It is super fast down the line and turns on a dime. It has instant acceleration and planes very quickly. The hammerhead is very versatile and excels in fatter waves and steep waves alike. The hammerhead has high performance entry and tail rocker and foil. The parallel rail line runs from tip to tail and reduces drag. The best wave type for this board is stomach to overhead. This more modern planning hull with the channels allows one to ride sucky barrels but is also amazing flatter, weaker sections. You can ride this as a quad or thruster set up!


Custom only- Takes 8-10 weeks


Available Size - Clear 

Length: 6'2"

Width: 20.7"

Thickness: 3

Volume: 45.6 liters

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA USA and made locally.

The Hammerhead Surfboard-Custom Only


    * Material: Polyurethane

    * Construction: US Foam blanks  + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom Poly Resin swirl

    * Matte Finish with color

    * This board comes with quad Futures Fins and has a five fin setup.  

    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished


    Length: 6’2"

    Width: 20.7”

    Thickness: 3”

    Volume: 45.6 liters

    Model #: HHSB62


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