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The Decoy -


This is a short longboard or mini log. This mini log is a wonderful for all riders.   Riders can catch waves like a longboard and have the maneuverablitly of a board much shorter!  This board has a  Flat bottom through the front and center of the board and transitions to a V close ot the fins.  This makes this model very resonsive and fast!  It has a Futures thruster fin set up!


Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA USA and made locally!


Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA 


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The Decoy Mini Log 7ft - 8ft Poly Surfboard

  • Features

    Board Features

    * Construction/Material 8ft and 7ft 6in : US EPS Foam blanks + High grade of 6 oz + 4oz top and 6oz bottom Epoxy Resin.

    * Construction/Material 7ft 6in Swirl : US Poly Foam blanks + High grade of 6 oz + 4oz top and 6oz bottom Poly Resin.

    * Sanded finish 

    * This board comes with a thruster fin set up (fins extra)

    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished


    Length: 7' ($450) - sea foam blue 
    Width: 21.3"
    Thickness: 2.8"
    Volume: 48 liters
    Model #: DC76

    Length: 7'6" ($475) - green rail or yellow
    Width: 21.5"
    Thickness: 2.8"
    Volume: 52 liters
    Model #: DC76

    Length: 8' ($499) - sea foam green - In production
    Width: 21.4"
    Thickness: 2.8"
    Volume: 56 liters
    Model #: DC80

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