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Mini Log - The Mini Log is a surfboard designed specifically for easy paddling and surfing. We spent some timing talking to the men and women surfers in Hawaii in what they most want in an easy to ride surfboard. We made this board with ample rocker, softer rails and very maneuverable. We also have a full nose but not too full. The response from our riders has been amazing. Both men and women love it!!


Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA and Made in USA!


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The Mini Log 7ft 6in & 8ft Epoxy or Poly Surfboard

  • Features

    Board Features

    * Construction/Material: US Poly Foam blanks + High grade of 6 oz + 4oz top and 6oz bottom Poly Resin.

    * Sanded finish 

    * This board comes with a thruster fin set up (fins extra)

    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished


    Length: 7'6" 
    Width: 22"
    Thickness: 3"
    Volume: 57 liters
    Model #: ML76


    Length: 8' 
    Width: 22"
    Thickness: 3"
    Volume: 60.5 liters
    Model #: ML80

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