The Pinball Wizard- We took our very successful Wafer and changed the tail. We also added a 5-fin setup. Our team riders love it. This board catches waves like boards a foot longer. Remember that foam and float is your best friend with this board. All Pinball Wizards come with future fin setup and fins.


Check out new color combinations and carbon kick tails

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA USA.


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5'11"- 6'8" Pinball Wizard Surfboard Groveler


    * Material: Poly or Epoxy
    * Construction: US Poly Foam blanks or EPS Foam blanks + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom Poly Resin or Epoxy Resing
    * Sanded Finish with color (poly) or clear (epoxy)
    * This board comes with 5 fin setup with Futures Fin boxes and 3 Futures fins
    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished


    Length: 5'11"’ - Clear 

    Width: 21.6”

    Thickness: 2.5”

    Volume: 36 liters

    Model #: PW511


    Length: 6’ Clear with Carbon kick tail in produciton

    Width: 21.6”

    Thickness: 2.5”

    Volume: 36.9 liters

    Model #: PW60


    Length: 6’2” yellow or Clear with Carbon kick tail

    Width: 21.8”

    Thickness: 2.6”

    Volume: 39.8 liters

    Model #: PW62


    Length: 6’4” Clear with Carbon kick tail - in produciton

    Width: 22”

    Thickness: 2.7”

    Volume: 42.6 liters

    Model #: PW64


    Length: 6’6”-  Clear with Carbon kick tail

    Width: 22.1”

    Thickness: 2.8”

    Volume: 45.8 liters

    Model #: PW66


    Length: 6’8” - Clear with Carbon kick tail

    Width: 22.1”

    Thickness: 2.8

    Volume: 47.6 liters

    Model #: PW68


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