JK's Mega Meat design features the bottom contours and rocker profiles that both make this board fast and turn easily. Then we took the design further by adding more volume in the middle while blending a performance cut to the rail. This allows us to take a foot off your longboard, without suffering any stability loss. The step rail and extra volume allows the board to float like a much longer board. This board has massive volume stuffed in its 7’2” and 8’ frame and that allows for much easier turning than a comparable longer board. This board is incredibly light for its size.

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA  and made in USA


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7'2" and 8' Mega Meat Epoxy Surfboard Funboard Longboard- Made in So Cal


    * Material: Epoxywith EPS Foam Blanks 
    * Construction: US Foam blanks + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom Epoxy Resin 
    * Sanded Finish 
    * This board comes with a thruster 2 + 1 setup with                                          * 2 Futures side fins and an 7", 8" or 9" single fin extra
    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished 


    Length: 7’2”

    Width: 23 ½ ”

    Thickness: 3 5/8”

    Volume: 72 liters

    Model #: MM72


    Length: 8’

    Width: 23 ½”

    Thickness: 3 5/8”

    Volume: 84 liters

    Model #: MM80


400 Continental Blvd. Ste 160

El Segundo, CA 90245

Tel: 310-463-5619

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