This is a high performance mini longboard. You can make big cutbacks and bottom turns like you never have before on your longer boards. It holds on bigger waves and flies through the mushy sections as well. You will not go back to a longboard once you try this gem. You have very good stability and can catch waves like a machine. This is a must board in the quiver.

Designed in Manhattan Beach and made in So Cal (6f 6in and 8ft 2in)


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6'6" - 8'2" Soul Carver (Mini Longboard/Longboard Surfboard)7'8"

Soul Carvers

    * Construction/Material: Polyurethane Foam blanks + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom poly Resin

    * sanded finish 6ft 6in and 8ft 2in 

    * gloss and polish finish 7ft 8in

    * This board comes with a 4 +1 set up or 2 +1 setup with 2 side fins and a center fin

    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished 


    Length: 6’6” (Blue/GREY) - Made locally!

    Width: 21 ½”

    Thickness: 2 ¾”

    Volume: 45.7 liters

    Model #: SC66


    Length: 7’ (BLUE/YELLOW/GREY)- Out of stock

    Width: 22”

    Thickness: 2 7/8”

    Volume: 50 liters

    Model #: SC70


    Length: 7’8” (Yellow and Blue/White/ORANGE) 

    Width: 22 ¼”

    Thickness: 3”

    Volume: 59.8 liters

    Model #: SC78


    Length: 8'2" (Blue/Red) Made locally!

    Width: 22 1/2”

    Thickness: 3”

    Volume: 62.9 liters

    Model #: SC82


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