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Earth Technologies (E-Tech) is an award winning environmentally friendly high performance surfboard and stand up paddleboard factory that is the first of its kind in the world. JK has teamed up with E-Tech for a special, limited edition series of boards for 2016. 

These boards exclusively use Super Sap epoxy resin from Entropy Resins and also constructed using E-Foam recycled EPS from Marko Foam, and many different types of laminating cloths and stringers all to create a revolutionary, stronger, rock hard and extremely ding resistant board.

All of our surfboards carry the verified "ECOBOARD” seal.

Designed and manufactured in California.

JK x E-Tech Fun Board - Custom Only


    Length: 7'

    Width: 21.3"

    Thickness: 2.6"

    Volume: 42 liters

    Model #: JKEFUN70

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