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The JK Simmons Style Surf SUP is a board that our riders like to take out almost every day. It offers tight turning, incredible down the line speed and is very stable. We designed this board after the revolutionary shaper, Bob Simmons.

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA and Made USA.


Lead time is 8 weeks - Custom orders only


8ft 10in JK Simmons Style Surf SUP - Custom only

  • Features

    * The JK features a wide outline that delivers really fast down the line speed

    * We wanted to keep the nose and tail thin to help the board turn better

    * The board has a single to deep double concave 

    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished

    * This board is great in waves up to head high

    * It is perfect for that point or reef break

    * Clear White Sanded Finish

    * Full Epoxy technology

  • Package

    Full package that includes board and deck pad.

    * Carbon Fiber paddles are available.  Please email us for more info.

  • Size Available

    Length: 8' 10"
    Width: 32”  
    Thickness: 4.3”
    Weight: 22 lbs.  
    Volume: 144 liters
    Model #: JKSSUPVN810


    Length: 9' 4"

    Width: 32.5”   

    Thickness: 4.6”

    Weight: 20 lbs.  

    Volume: 161 liters

    Model #: JKSSUPVN94

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