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We have just released our newest collection of boards with the younger and smaller surfers in mind. These boards have a single to double concave bottom and are higher performance boards. They are great for the intermediate to expert Grom surfer who wants to move into the big leagues.


Available now!

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA USA

Da Grom (Short Board) Surfboard - Custom only


    * Material: Polyurethane

    * Construction: US Foam blanks  + High grade of 4oz. + 4oz. top and 4oz. bottom Poly Resin

    * Sanded Polish Finished

    * This board comes with Tri Futures fin boxes

    * All boards are precision cut and hand finished


    Length: 5’2” (CLEAR SANDED w/ Carbon Strip) 

    Width: 18.4"

    Thickness: 2.1"

    Volume: 21.4 liters

    Model #: DAG52


    Length: 5’4” (CLEAR SANDED w/ Carbon Strip)

    Width: 18.6"

    Thickness: 2.2"

    Volume: 23.4 liters

    Model #: DAG54


    Length: 5’6” (CLEAR SANDED w/ Carbon Strip) 

    Width: 18.8"

    Thickness: 2 1/4"

    Volume: 24.5 liters

    Model #: DAG56


    Length: 5’8” (CLEAR SANDED)

    Width: 19"

    Thickness: 2.3"

    Volume: 26.7 liters

    Model #: DAG58


    Length: 5’10”(CLEAR SANDED) 

    Width: 19.1"

    Thickness: 2.4"

    Volume: 29.1 liters

    Model #: DAG510

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