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The Big Boy Fish was designed because our clients wanted a bigger fish board. We are introducing three larger sizes than our Killer fish boards. Anyone can ride a Big Boy Fish and have a blast. The Green Rail 6'8" is for the surfer around 185lbs., the Blue Rail 7'3" is for surfers around 200lbs. and the biggest boys will want to ride the Orange Rail 8'.

When you ride this board you will find that it paddles very quick because of its design. You can make late drops and fly across sections with ease. The Big Boy Fish is really fun to ride. You can ride the board in a traditional thruster or try the quad setup that makes it go even faster and turn smoothly.  Comes with a Futures 5 fin setup and can be ridden as a quad or thruster.

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA and made in USA. 

6'8" - 8' Big Boy Fish - In Hawaii Dealers


    * Material: Polyurethane

    * Construction: US Foam blanks  + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom Poly Resin

    * Gloss Finish with color

    * This board comes with a Futures five fin setup.  

    * Thruster or Quad fins extra.

    * 100% hand shaped and/or hand finished


    Length: 6’8” (Green Swirl)

    Width: 21”

    Thickness: 2 ¾”

    Volume: 43 liters

    Model #: BBF68


    Length: 7’3” (Blue Swirl) 

    Width: 22 ”

    Thickness: 3”

    Volume: 53.7 liters

    Model #: BBF73


    Length: 8’ (Orange/Blue or Blue/Green Swirl) 

    Width: 23”

    Thickness: 3”

    Volume: 62 liters

    Model #: BBF80


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