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The Bob is a simple, clean, functional surfboard meant to maximize the amount of Fun that our riders want to have in the water. The Bob was specifically designed for our customers to increase their wave count and have more fun.  This is a great board for beginner to advanced surfers that want to catch a ton of waves and have a more laid back style.  It is also great for our bigger riders!!

Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA and made in USA.

6ft 3in - 6ft 9in "The Bob" Big Boy Surfboard


    • Material: Polyurethane
    • Construction: US poly Foam blanks + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom poly Resin
    • Sanded finish with color
    • This board comes with five fin setup      
    • Fins extra     

    Length: 6'3"

    Width: 23"

    Thickness: 2.8"

    Volume: 46 liters

    Model #: BOB63


    Length: 6'5"

    Width: 23"

    Thickness: 2.9"

    Volume: 48.9 liters

    Model #: BOB65


    Length: 6'7"

    Width: 23.1"

    Thickness: 3.1"

    Volume: 53.8 liters

    Model #: BOB67


    Length: 6'9"

    Width: 23.2"

    Thickness: 3.1"

    Volume: 55.8 liters

    Model #: BOB69

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