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The Kats Meow


This is like surfing a board with a V-12 turbo charger under the hood.  Our team rider tell us that they can generate incredible speed with the bottom contours and concaves!  The step deck on the bigger sizes allow for a ton of volume under the chest but thin rails for incredible grip for taking the turns at maximum velocity.   This board will allow the surfer to make it rain on those big turns and then fly into the floater!   It purrs like a kitten!!


Designed in Manhattan Beach, CA and made in the South Bay.

5'9" - 7'6" Epoxy Kats Meow Shortboard Surfboard- In Hawaii dealers


    • Epoxy Construction: EPS Foam Blanks and Epoxy resin + High grade of 6oz. + 4oz. top and 6oz. bottom Epoxy Resin
    • Sanded Finish with Carbon Ribz stringer
    • This board comes with Futures 5 fin setup                                
    •  Futures 3 fins or Quad fins extra
    • 100% hand shaped and/ or hand finished

    Length: 5'9"

    Width: 19.3 ”

    Thickness: 2.4”

    Volume: 29.44 liters

    Model #: KATS59


    Length: 6’4” 

    Width: 20.6”

    Thickness: 2.8”

    Volume: 39.1 liters

    Model #: KATS64


    Length: 6’6”

    Width: 21.7 ”

    Thickness: 3.1”

    Volume: 47.35 liters

    Model #: KATS66


    Length: 7'6"  

    Width: 23”

    Thickness: 3.5”

    Volume: 64.15 liters

    Model #: KATS76

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